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Bees Weaves Salon and Academy is based in the heart of Paisley. We are a hair extension focused salon using only the best quality hair trading with all major hair extension suppliers in the UK to provide the best results. The quality of the hair is one of the most important parts to the service we provide, a lot of time and testing has went into picking these suppliers as well the training and practice that’s went into perfecting every single methos offered attracting clients from all over Scotland.  


We are hair extension experts offering 3 weave methods, nano rings, tapes and bonds to enhance the natural hair as well as mesh integration systems and wigs for clients who experience sever hair loss. 


Our Academy also operates from the salon offering 1-2-1 courses as well as group courses with on going tutoring and mentoring. Courses are delivered by Bonnie Rush and are ABT accredited and insurable with certificates recognised world wide. 


Bees Weaves


Weft hair is a long strip of hair extension that is custom cut to your own head and can be attached to the hair by beads or sewn. We use your hair to make a track with the bead the the extensions are then evenly sewin onto. This can be used on all hair types.


Bees Weaves


Nanos are individual extensions that are attached to the hair in the most discreet way. A small section of your own hair is placed through the nano ring which the individual extension is then placed in before using pliers to firmly attached the bead and extension to your hair. These are the most discreet method in today’s market making them perfect for people with finer hair.

Bees Weaves


Bond extensions also knowing as glue ins or Keratin bonds are one of the first methods on the market to be offered in the uk. The extensions are glued to a section of your own using a heat tool and a finger roll method making a funnel so your hair is protected and water resistant. These are only suitable on medium to thick hair.


Bees Weaves


Tape in hair extensions are extremely thin weft like extensions that are pre-taped measuring around 2cm in length each. A 2cm section of your own hair is used in between two tapes with a sandwich like effect keeping the extension secure in your head in a gentle healthy way. Most suitable in medium to thick hair for length and thickness.


Online Booking


We offer an easy to use booking system for all our services, making it easier for our clients to book in the perfect appointment.

1 to 1 Service


We offer a one to one service for all of our clients, making sure you walk out of our salon with hair that deserves the attention.

Bees Weaves


I've been going to Bonnie for i think nearly 3 years now she really is the best i have ever had at doing my weaves she goes above and beyond for you. You tell her what you want and she gets it just right honestly the best in Scotland our Bonnie <3 not only have i found the best hair extensionist I found a friend too xxxx

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